Arsene Wenger still has a future at Arsenal


There is certainly no doubt that since taking over at Arsenal a little over twenty years ago, Arsene Wenger has turned the North London club into a franchise worth over one billion pounds. While there has been constant calls for his sack over the past few years, this achievement cannot be overlooked. And the odds are that we willl still see him around for a long while, here is why…

Arsenal owe Arsene: At a time when his peers were changing teams and moving to fields with greener grass, Wenger stuck with the Arsenal project and turned the dream to reality. His patience and long suffering needs commendation. It is also noteworthy that none of the nineteen managers at the top flight, at the time of his appointment still compete at the highest level in club football management.

Arsenal can’t afford to lose his genius now: Wenger has initiated tremendous programmes, and has dictated proceedings at the club in the last two decades. Presently, his philosophy influences everything that happens at the club; from player recruitment to training ground facilities. He is the idea which the club lives by. This is a system that cannot be replaced with a snap of the finger. There is need to plan a seamless transition, to deal with this and that will take careful planning…and time. This also means that…

Arsene’s future may be at a higher level, off the pitch: In his early days (first decade) Arsenal played attractive football, the unique identity made the team a brand. Then, league championships and other titles followed. But, in recent times, a club that was known for high octane, energetic and electrifying style now play slow, boring, spiritless and uninspiring football. Little wonder he has failed to win the league in the last fourteen years. On the pitch, Wenger has failed to evolve and adapt to new tactics, ideas and fresh techniques which makes his team very predictable, easy to prey upon and beaten. Wenger still has an eye for talent, but the Gunners may need a fresh eye, to mould these into a championship side.

A good manager should be able to inspire and motivate his team to deliver the goods. The Frenchman has lost touch on that aspect. What fans now hear, are excuses for the constant mistakes and poor display by players, is now the order of the day. It is time for Arsene to honorably move into an administrative position. He loves the club and wants to stay, and the club is also reluctant to release him. The best option is to give a hungrier and more purposeful manager the chance to have a go at the premier league title and the UEFA Champions League (a trophy he has failed to win in twenty attempts). 

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