Man Utd: Still Minus Fear Factor; Mourinho: Losing His Touch?


Manchester United caved-in miserably against Watford in the early EPL kick-off game on Sunday, and questions will begin to arise about their title credentials, and their manager. The loss came a day after their neighbours, Manchester City strolled to yet another comfortable win in a season that has already been tagged to be the most challenging ever for the top teams. It was the third straight loss for a United and Mourinho team, which is expected to be soaring…

The immediate assessment is that United are still without the Fear Factor which renders team impotent with fear as soon as the Red devils ride into town. The old United team would not play such a timid game against Watford. They dominated the second half, but were tentative in defence as they conceded a goal, and gave away a late penalty. Watford, or any other team would not have dared to play like this against the old United.

The addition of big name players seems to have had no effect on Premiership teams whose pockets are bulging with television money, and are buying name players themselves. And these United players have not exactly done enough to cover themselves in glory. Therefore: television money plus non-performing players equals ‘you’re my mate’ on the pitch.   The performance of the ‘god of Manchester’ and the most expensive player in the world is the reason the smaller teams are ‘looking United in the eye’. But while ‘the god’ has at least provided some moments of cheer, the other alpha player seem to still be suffering from the after-effects of pre-season dance competitions. Both need to step up, quickly before the noise that…

Jose Mourinho seems to have lost his touch. It was a whisper last season as the blame for the poor performance of Chelsea shifted from the body language of the players, to the activities of the owner, while slowly strolling past the door of the Portuguese. A few more tepid performances, and it will not be a whisper anymore. Mourinho got the United job simply because there was still some belief in his ability.
But given the way his team was set up in the last three matches, and the response from the games following each loss, that currency is diminishing fast. The story of 13 matches lost in 104 contests, and the same number in 32 matches doesn’t read nice. And statistics don’t lie.

The one thing United need to do, is regain the fear factor and fast too. And the only way they can do this, is by putting up awesome performances. Mourinho needs to make the calls needed to achieve this. His reputation needs restoration, as much as United’s.

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