NFF’s Seven-Day Miracle…


We have heard of “The Seven Day Miracle” and we know clearly what that means: Some religions tell us that miracles that can turn your life around can happen in seven days if your faith holds, or if you do certain things. But the recent order from the Executive Committee of the NFF to the Technical and Sub development Committee to find a foreign Technical Adviser for the Super Eagles may turn out to be a curse, not a miracle…

Here we go again. The recent disasters that followed the “appointments” of the last two Technical Advisers of the National team should have taught the NFF to tread softly and weigh all its options before diving into decisions. The Oliseh hiring – even if the former Super Eagles captain was right to resign – was a bad one, because Amaju Pinnick failed to take Oliseh’s temperament into consideration before hiring him. The Le Guen drama is much worse. Yet, here we go again.

What will change in the time between February-July and July 20th -27th? Sunday Oliseh resigned in February, and the NFF took five months to complete a selection process that ended in chaotic international embarrassment. Now, they want to do the same thing, but this time in SEVEN DAYS. Great. They say If you are not patient to get it right the first time, how can you guarantee you will do it better a second time (especially when you’re rushing the process)?

I envy Salisu Yusuf his temperament. I have met Salisu Yusuf twice; once at a Media parley in Abuja when he stood in for Sunday Oliseh, and again in Port Harcourt just before the game against Burkina Faso, he was standing in for…an absent Sunday Oliseh. Before then I saw him play, and watched him coach. I don’t know what is going through his mind now, but to be told “the Super Eagles job is bigger than you”, then be appointed ‘Super Eagles Coach’ in the same document that wants a Technical Adviser in Seven Days must be trying. How has been keeping his sanity?

Repeat – No coach worth his salt will want the Nigerian job. I stated this in my last write up. I am now repeating it. Which serious coach, with better options, will take the Super Eagles job? We allegedly still owe the last batch of coaches that worked with the Eagles and one of them has sued the NFF at CAS. We bungled the hiring of a new one. What should the new one look forward to?

The Nigeria Football Federation has raised its propensity for comedy in the last couple of years, and the Seven Day search for a foreign Technical Adviser is guarantee that the drama has not ended, rather a new scene is about to commence!

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