NBA: Warriors Land Durant; “Win Another Title”!


In 2011, the NBA vetoed a deal that would have sent Chris Paul to the LA Lakers. In nixing that deal, the NBA, then under Commissioner David Stern, said the deal was not allowed for “Basketball Reasons”. Those reasons were left for the media to speculate and dissect, without the ‘reasons’ ever being disclosed. Five years down the line, Golden State Warriors have become a super team: with FOUR elite players on their roster, the Bay Area team will almost well-nigh be unstoppable, unless of course, the unpredictability of sports change the story. What will the Warriors look like when the season opens in August?

The Warriors will have three proven shooters on the floor. In the history of the NBA, no franchise have ever had the luxury of three bombers in the same uniform, in fact, the Golden State Warriors were the first to have TWO consistent shooters on the wings and down the middle. That’s why the name “Splash Brothers” was coined, now they have Kevin Durant, what shall we call them? The Splash triplets?!

If Warriors were deep last season – heck alongside the Splash brothers, and the starting crew, they also had Iggy, Livingston, Bogut, Varejao, Barbosa, Barnes and Brandon Rush: now take out Barnes and insert KD. That’s removing a pillar and sinking three in its place, no disrespect to Barnes – and Warriors just got way deeper. A team that set a record for most wins a season, and lost the NBA Finals after taking a 3-1 lead, just got better.

Most teams have a one-two punch, and allow a superstar to get a breather when things get tough. Warriors have doubled that number. Just imagine Klay Thompson and Draymond Green taking a seat while Steph and KD go to work, and then those two taking a seat while Klay and Green step on court. Nightmare.

Warriors turned a corner last season, and have just added more experience. They say you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes. Warriors lost an NBA Championship that was ‘firmly’ in sight. There can’t be a harsher lesson than that. Add a KD that also gave up a ‘sure’ NBA Finals slot by losing three games in a row. KD will repeat some of the lessons Steph & Co learnt last season, and show them some tricks they’d missed. A tougher, readier Warriors are about to emerge.

Now, won’t it be fun if Dwayne Wade decides to join Cleveland Cavaliers?

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