Curry Will Not Be MVP… And Other Things


Some things became clearer after the Cavaliers thumped Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals…

Curry will not be MVP – Steph Curry is the most talked about player in the NBA, and is arguably the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. But the repeat regular season MVP is not likely to be named Finals MVP even if Golden State Warriors win the chip. His production in these Series are not MVP level, as Warriors have relied on Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to keep them buzzing in the Finals.

Warriors can be ugly – Golden State have served up some scintillating basketball in the playoffs, and wowed the world with their passing and their shooting in the first two games of the Finals; but they stank up the joint with their play in Game 3: Poor shooting? Yep. Ridiculous turn overs? Yep. Poor ball movement? Yep. They didn’t look like the team that strolled through the first two games and had us talking about a possible sweep.

Irving can’t defend – While it’s a well-known fact in the NBA, it is also painful to see. Irving gets dumped on in one-on-one situations and looked a step slow when facing off opposition players on fast break situations, giving away easy buckets.

Basketball is a funny sport – Yep! When you have your rhythm, everything falls into place: passes, team play, even awkward shots fall. The story of Stephen Curry’s season is littered with circus shots hitting the nets, but while he couldn’t buy a basket in Game 3, the Cavs were making all sorts of ridiculous shots: Tristan Thompson, Richard Jefferson, JR Smith LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, all made impossible shots.

Draymond Green is a leader – The 4th year power forward has played with heart in these playoffs, and has been influential on both ends of the court in the Finals. He was raging and shouting at his much more experienced team mate during a timeout, as Cavaliers wiped the floor with the Warriors. He wants to win!

Now, Games 4 and 5 become more interesting: a win for Cavaliers in Game 4 will spark debates of a possible Series turn-around; a win for Warriors will open discussion of Series closure in Game 5.

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