Cavs Out of their Depth, Warriors Will Repeat as Champions


Golden State Warriors will repeat as NBA Champions, the only question is: will they do it in two more games or in three? The Cavaliers are being outplayed by the Warriors in these Series by making difficult things look simple in their Game 2 win.

Exquisite passing from multiple positions: The Warriors are the best mainly because of their ball movement: whether firing outlet passes to start transition, or threading laser passes to set up easy buckets.  We all know about Steph Curry and the range of his game. But the likes of Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala also threaded exquisite passes in Game 2, as the Warriors ran riot.

Amazing interior defence: The Warriors put a lot of work and help into their perimeter defending, their ability to shut down opposition shooters was in discussion before the start of these Series. They took it up a notch with superb interior defense in this game: they denied Cavaliers the ball with terrier-like hustling inside, deflecting passes that looked “sure”, to secure turn overs. They also out rebounded the Cavs, also made steals at key moments in the game.

The “Strength in Numbers” rallying cry came in handy again: The Splash brothers didn’t start making big plays until late in the game. Steph Curry had 5pts in the 1st Quarter, Klay Thompson had zip; then Klay scored early in the 2nd to catch up at 5pts, while Curry got into foul trouble. But Draymond Green was draining treys (Splash were 4-12, he was 3-4 at some point). Game 1 was Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala, Game 2? Draymond Green.

They frustrated LeBron James, always a bad omen: This is LeBron James’ sixth straight Finals, but it’s the first time his team will go into a 2-0 hole. Even at that, he’s been known to ‘vanish’ from Series when things are not going too well: the three Finals against the teams from Dallas (twice in losses against San Antonio, first at Cavaliers, and then with Miami) and the loss against Dallas. Once things turn sour, LeBron’s game goes south. If his frustration from this game carries into game 3, the Warriors will sweep this, or win it in Five.

Whichever way it goes, the Warriors are on the way to being constant in the conversation as the Greatest of All Time. 

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